I have a new book out in my native Germany. It’s called “One, two, free – Kleine Yoga-Pausen für sofort und überall” (translation: “One, two, free – short Yoga-breaks to be done anytime, anywhere”). It’s one of only a handful of “highlights” this spring at Germany’s by far most successful self-help publisher Gräfe & Unzer.

In it, I take the best Yoga-poses apart and integrate their bits and pieces into everyday life. So you get the benefits without losing any time at all!

I’m hoping for a big hit – and that it’ll become available internationally soon. Until then, here’s the cover:

And this is my newest press photo, to be used royalty free in direct connection with an article about me and/or my books:

Ulrich Hoffmann Pressefoto Steg Meditationshaltung