You might have read or heard this: We should  exercise more mindfulness in everyday life. See all of life as a meditation.

But what does that mean?

The other day I drilled a hole. Bam, fuse blown. Until the electrician came, I must have tried to turn on the light in the bathroom for about a hundred times, even though I knew it wouldn’t work.


So much for mindfulness or meditative attention.

And yesterday I cut a melon. My wife was not there. (Why would I have cut the melon myself otherwise … just kidding!) But still, being completely lost in thought (or completely thoughtless) I filled a bowl for her with melon pieces. I have o idea what I was thinking about. Obviously not who’d be there for dinner.

Maybe I was wondering when the electrician would finally show up. 😉

I can hardly imagine that people with jobs and children spend whole days “in the here and now”, acting mindfully and with meditative calm. But every now and then I try consciously to do just that. And I use moments just as the ones described above as an opportunity. I realize that I have done something without thinking or paying attention … and that in and off itself constitutes the germ of mindful attention, of conscious being! (In addition, it’s the ideal moment to have a good laugh about myself.)
“Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it,” says author and meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg.

Have fun rememebering!


Image: Chuck Coker via Flickr (CC license)