The benefits of meditation for children and adults are by now scientifically proven beyond doubt. And one more thing is certain… Anyone can get started early and easily. You do not need any prior knowledge or practice meditating to help your child (and yourself!).

Intro-video for “Kids’ Meditations For Primary School Age”:

Intro-video from “PM Meditations For Children”:

Meditation can help with the following:

• learning difficulties
• school performance pressure
• exam nervousness
• AD(H)D / ADD
• problems concentrating
• low self-esteem
• social exclusion
• difficulties falling asleep
• indifference, disgust, frustration, lack of motivation
• eating disorders
• educational problems and recurring family issues

Our new eBooks for the iPad (available on the iBookstore) contain six short, guided meditations each (all under 3 minutes).

Give it a try, 3 minutes a day are enough to make your life more peaceful, harmonious and loving!

Two audio-snippets from “Kids’ Meditations For Primary School Age”:

Mountain Meditation (snippet)

Airmattress Meditation (snippet)

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Audio-snippets from “PM Meditations For Children”:

Dreams Meditation (snippet)

Warmth Meditation (snippet)

Buy PM Meditations For Children from the author

Buy directly from the author  or on Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, bei Barnes & Noble/NookiBookstore (iBookstore: iPad only)!

“Kids’ Meditations For Primary School Age”